Saint Mary, Our Lady of Ransom


Parents must be registered and an active member of the parish. They must also attend one class before the child is baptised. Please call the church office to apply. Baptisms are ideally performed during Sunday Mass because the child is being welcomed into the Christian Community. But if the family would prefer, Baptisms are also celebrated privately after our Sunday 11:00 mass. At least one of the godparents must be a practicing catholic in good standing. God parents from other parishes must provide a sponsor certificate from their home parish. A baptized Christian of another demonination may serve as Christian witness.


Confessions are heard every Saturday afternoon between 4:15 and 4:45 and by appointment.

First Eucharist for Children

Children prepare for First Reconciliation when they are in the second grade. They are required to have already completed at least one year of documented religious education at Saint Mary, Our Lady of Ransom or another catholic parish before beginning their First Reconciliation preparation.


The Sacrament in which, through the laying on of hands, anointing with Chrism, and prayer, those already baptized are strengthened by the Holy Spirit in order that they may profess the faith and faithfully live up to their profession.

   For our children, Confirmation requires 2 years of preparation.


Couples planning marriage should contact the office (843-546-7416), preferably at least 6 months prior to the scheduled marriage.



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